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Box with an assorted mix of these rough (semi) precious stones, for decoration, healing or on an altar:
Red Jasper / Rose Quartz / Orange Calcite / Blue Quartz / Green Quartz / Bronzite / Milky Quartz / Black Tourmaline / Citrine (burned amethyst) / Amethyst / Chevron Amethyst / Amazonite. (*)

Country of origin: Brazil.
Content: Contains ± 12 pieces, but the number of stones will vary with each box, as will the types od stones it contains.

*The characteristics of all mineral stones on our website are not scientifically proven; it is based on experiences of users and gemstone therapists. Any healing properties outlined are in no way meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician. If in doubt about your health, consult a physician.

Power box 19 Rough Gemstone mix

SKU: 71042
  • 24.6 - 31.7 Oz

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