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Choose your pricing plan

  • Initial consultation

    Let's find your capacities
    • 30mn video-call
    • Determine your spiritual capacities
    • What's the best plan to understand and use your gifts
  • Top Seller

    Discover your own spirituality

    Understand and apply your gift
    • 5 hours video-call (each calls are 1 hour)
    • Learn the correct spiritual grounding
    • Learn to spiritually cleanse yourself
    • Learn the proper way to meditate
    • Learn to recharge yourself
    • Each custom classes are made especially for you
  • Protection Learning

    Learn the right protection depending your capacities
    • 1 hour video-call
    • Learn your right spiritual protection
  • Cleansing learning

    Perfect to learn your cleansing habit
    • 1 hour video-call
    • Learn the art of clearing yourself
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