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Opalite Gemstone pendant. A quality. With glued metal eyelet, nickel-free.
This is a natural product so color, shape and size may vary and differ from the picture shown.

Opalite is a man-made opal. It is an attractive stone owing to its beautiful sheen (blue or yellowish) and its mysterious radiance. Opalite is uplifting and creates space. It has a positive effect on the lungs. So it literally and figuratively gives breath. (*)

* This information has not been scientifically proven; it is based on experiences of users and therapists. Any healing properties outlined are in no way meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician. If in doubt about your health, consult a physician.

Gemstone pendant opalite

SKU: 70325
  • 0.39 - 1.18 inch

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