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Attention - Clean your shungite objects from Karelia! Read more below...
Shungite polished pyramid from Karelia in Russia, the place on earth where the highest qualified shungite comes from. The stone received its name from the name of a small village called Shunga where it was first discovered.

Product specifications
Type III black shungite
Carbon: 30-50%
Deep black colour
Action radius: ± 6.5mtr
Country of origin: Russia, location Karelia
Packaging: plastic foam

Shungite Pyramids
Pyramid shaped shungite products are known to positively influence body and health. Also, they make a perfect tool for protection against electromagnetic radiation in your home or office. The pyramid creates a positive protecting field in a radius of up to 16.4 foots and even more, depending on the size of the pyramid. 

There are both polished and unpolished shungite pyramids. Their effects are the same, only their looks differ. What really matters is the size of the shungite pyramid: the larger the pyramid, the bigger its action radius. So choose the size of your pyramid in accordance with the place you want to put it in.

Attention - Clean your Karelian shungite objects!
We feel obliged to mention that both polished and unpolished Karelian shungite can leave black stains on your clothes and skin. The reason for this is the high amount of carbon in the composition of shungite. It is a natural property of the mineral and can be an additional verification mark of the authenticity of the product.

You can gently wash shungite items under warm running water. This is especially important for pendants and other items with holes where dust may remain after production. After washing, recharge the shungite products by placing them in sunlight for a few hours.

Raw shungite chips also give off a lot of carbon, but this is not really a problem. You use raw shungite mainly for reducing electrical pollution, absorbing radiation and improving Feng Shui in living and office spaces. You can leave the shungite in the transparent jar with the lid sealed, or put it in a decorative container and place it in your desired place, and out of reach of small children or animals.


Shungite meaning
Shungite is a Precambrian carbonaceous natural rock of natural origin. It is often called a "healing stone" or even a "stone of life" because of its powerful healing and protective properties. Shungite is about 2 billion years old and was formed long before life existed on our planet. It has thus absorbed the energy of the earth and space for centuries. These powerful energies, along with its chemical composition and physical characteristics, make shungite truly unique, and thanks to that, it is popular all over the world in the form of countless shungite products.


What makes Karelian shungite so special?
Karelian shungite's popularity is largely due to its high carbon content with unique structure consisting of fullerenes, an extremely rare chemical bond of carbon atoms. Fullerenes are considered one of the most powerful antioxidants, protecting our bodies from the effects of free radicals and other negative and harmful influences in our environment. The spherical molecules of fullerenes in shungite make it one of the most effective tools for personal protection, healing and water purification. Elite Shungite is the type of shungite with the highest carbon content, with the highest number of fullerenes and is therefore the most effective type.


What are the benefits of using shungite from Karelia?
In our modern world, shungite is widely used in various fields, including industry, agriculture, medicine and spiritual practices. The famous properties of shungite that make it popular all over the world include water purification and protection against the surrounding electromagnetic fields (EMF) and 5G radiation (also called millimeter waves or MMW). In addition, shungite can neutralise geopathic stress and tension and supports the regenerating properties of the human body and spiritual healing. All these properties contribute to the ever-growing popularity of shungite.

Shungite stone classification
Shungite stones can be divided into three types depending on the content of carbon in it:
Type I: Also called Elite Shungite, has a carbon content of more than 90% and a silvery surface. 
Type II: Contains 50-90% of carbon and has a greyish colour.
Type III: Contains 30-50% of carbon, black in colour.

Please note: there are also shungite products on the market with a lower carbon content, these do not stain. See our other shungite products.

Shungite pyramivd from Karelia 3.14 inch

SKU: 1069
  • 3.14 X 3.14 inch

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