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"Life is like riding a bicycle: in order to keep your balance just keep moving"


These organic postcards are designed and produced in a fully sustainable way in the Netherlands. Printing ink is 100% natural, the cardboard is provided with an FSC quality mark.


Environmentally friendly printing
ZintenZ is a Dutch publisher specialised in the design and production of fully sustainable card lines. The cards are made from agricultural 'waste'; stems and leaves that remain on the lands after harvesting crops. The printing technique used is waterless with bio-inks. The CO2 emission in waterless printing is 80% lower than in conventional printing techniques. No chemicals are used, so less impact on the environment. The ink is made with soy oil and vegetable pigments.

Postcards Life is like riding a bicycle

SKU: 603699
  • 5.90 x 4.13 inch

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