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A bottle made with love to transmit good vibrations to the water


Product specifications
Recycled glass, no heavy metals
Ecological cork stopper
In 100% organic cotton bag
With the words 'Thank you' on the bottle in six languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portugese)


OmWater Bottles
The Golden Ratio (the structure we find in Nature), the OM symbol (Creation´s sound), the Blue color to solarise the water, the Seed of Life pulsating from the bottom and Gratitude, all are unified in this bottle to positively raise the vibration of water and of those who use it. 

Natural Ecological treated Cork: Water also needs to breathe, so we provide a cork to protect and respecting it. The cork stopper was given a complete aseptic treatment to ensure no odors or flavors will taint the water. 

100% recycled glass, 0% heavy metals: This bottle aims to contribute to the use of tap water and to avoid the massive use of plastic containers. It is manufactured in Spain with 100% recycled glass, free of any heavy metals and therefore completely recyclable.

Packaging, 100% organic cotton: The OmWater Gratitude bottle is distributed inside a natural cotton bag, manufactured in Spain.

Add your intention to the water: The transparent sticker is for drawing or writing with an indelible marker what you wish for yourself or to offer to someone else.

Om Water Bottle Gratitude

SKU: 10130
  • 40.5 Oz

  • Glass

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