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Gift box with 5 packs of natural, handcrafted Indian masala incenses:

Spiritual Yoga - The invigorating aroma energises you and aids your yoga practice. Be the energy you want to attract.

Mysore Sandal - Smell the world renowned Mysore Sandal that induces a calm and meditative state of mind. Create peace in your world.

Chakra Healing - Restore the harmonious flow of energy and achieve energy balance across the seven chakras. Heal from within.

Californian White Sage - Cleanse, purify and protect yourself and your surroundings from negative energies. Be free.

Mantra Meditation - The mystical aroma helps you align your thoughts and enhances your meditation. Live the moment.

Product specifications
Hand rolled natural masala incense sticks
5 packs, net quantity of incense 15 grams each
With natural herbs, resins, woods, flowers, aroma oils and spices
Free from heavy metals and harmful chemicals
Child labour free, not tested on animals

Natural masala incense gift pack

SKU: 3327
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