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Native spirits incense mix box, each connecting to one of twelve Native American Spirits.
Contains 12 packages of 15 grams each:

Individual package for $4.00 (on request)


Turtle Spirit - juniper
Kokopelli - rose
Medicine Wheel - musk
Moon - jasmine
Owl Spirit - cedarwood
Raven Spirit - patchouli
Hummingbird Spirit - peppermint
Dreamcatcher - vetiver
Bear Spirit - sandalwood
Wolf Spirit - frankincense
Sun - ylang ylang
Shaman - lavender

Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Make sure the ashes fall on a fire proof surface (incense holder).
Not for human consumption.
No animal testing.

Goloka incense
Native Spirits incense is manufactured by Goloka, a non-profit organisation in India. Goloka Seva Trust gives 100% of its profits to charitable causes like providing meals and eduction for underpriviledged children, and aiding poor students with scolarships. Thank you for participating in making a better future for them.

Native spirits incense dozen mixed

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