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Illuminate your path to inner harmony with this luxurious coconut butter and soy wax scented candle. Infused with the goodness of Ayurvedic essential oils, the candle is hand-poured with 2 wicks in a gorgeous copper plated jar.

This earthy blend of holy sage cleanses the surroundings, while the cooling properties of mint leaves keep you charged and invigorated all day. Fits best to people with kapha dosha.

Product specifications
Scented Ayurvedic Kapha candle
Sage and mint - cleansing and recharging
Coconut butter & soy wax
Less smoke and soot owing to cotton wick
With natural essential oils
In copper plated metal jar
Burning hours: 20

Characteristics of Kapha dosha
Calm, loving and understanding with an impressive build, and well defined features.
They may exhibit tendencies to over-eat, avoid exercise and sleep excessively.

​Lighting a candle
We believe the simple act of lighting a candle should bring pleasure and a sense of well-being. As you enjoy the delicate scent of our slow-burning Ayurvedic candle, we encourage you to find inner peace and tranquility, so your true light has a chance to shine.

Instructions for use
Burn at least one hour per inch of candle diameter each time the candle is lit to ensure the best burning efficiency.
Do not burn longer than 4 hours at any one time.
Trim wick to ¼” (0.5 cm) each time you light the candle.
Discontinue use when ½” (1.3 cm) wax remains in bottom.
Scented candle, 100% vegetable ecological rapeseed wax in recycled glass. The candle is made in a traditional way in Belgium, with paraben-free fragrance oils. Biodegradable and therefore harmless to people and the environment.

Kapha sage mint 2 wick scented candle in jar

SKU: 64603
  • 2.3x 3.5 inch

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