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Fair Trade vintage look atmospheric lighting, suitable for burning tealights and votive candles. 
For optimal safety, burn the candle in a votive goblet.

The bodhi leaf is a leaf of the bodhi tree, bodhi means 'awakening', 'enlightenment'. 
The historical Buddha realised enlightenment under a bodhi tree.
So, burning a candle in this bodhi leaf atmospheric lighting has a profound symbolic meaning.

Product specifications
Guaranteed Fair Trade (WFTO)
People and planet before profit
Fair and equal payment
No child labour or forced labour
Good working conditions and labour rights
Respect for the environment

Guaranteed Fair Trade and Responsibly Resourced
WFTO is a global community of social enterprises that practice Fair Trade. This means they pioneer models of business that put people and planet first. WFTO’s members are visited and verified by their peers and independent auditors against the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. The WFTO Guarantee System assesses the entirety of a business. It includes an assessment of the enterprise’s structure and business model, its operations and its supply chains. Once verified, a business can be considered a Fair Trade Enterprise that truly exists to put the interests of producers and their communities first.

Fair Trade Atmospheric lighting bodhi leaf

SKU: 17851
  • 3.93 x 3.74 inch

  • Iron


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